Guitar Cabs 2x12

Standard Size 2x12s

Fullness of sound comes from many aspects of a cabs design, mainly size, design and quality of materials. Smaller cabs do tend to need more focus on the low end and lower mids, purely down to physical restrictions. Larger cabs can tend to push out too many low frequencies. The art is to maximise the ratio of sound to size when it comes to smaller cabs and to keep a focused responsive sound with larger cabs.


Below is a range that offers everything from small and compact full sounding cabs that will save your back to larger oversized cabs that will blow you away.


Studio Pro

Guitar Buyer Magazine -  5 Star Award


The Studio Pro is designed to be the only cab you are going to ever need. It is an almost oversized design with large dimensions, beautiful birch ply and heavy build construction. It has an angled baffle as well as a three piece back panel allowing for both open and closed back configurations with minimum effort.


You get the usual choice of speakers, but the V-30 and G12H creamback combination really sings.


You have one of the most versatile speaker cabinets on the market with the perfect mix of warmth and aggression.


Dimensions (mm) 750x530x295


Unloaded price/weight: £290 / 17kg

V30 loaded price/weight: £430 / 27kg

G12M creamback loaded price/weight: £450 / 25kg

Vintage 30/G12H creamback  mix loaded price/weight: £455 / 27kg


Fatboy 2x12

Award Winning Cabinet.


The Fatboy is an over sized 2x12. It handles the bottom end like nothing else... If you have been using a 4x12 but don't have the space in the van then this is for you- our customers are always surprised!!!!


Regardless of style of playing, age or experience a lot of us want to use a 4x12 but just can’t be doing with the size, weight and cost. The Fatboy was designed to take on a 4x12. Don’t let anyone lie to you, a 2x12 and especially 1x12 will never sound bigger than an equivalent 4x12. But the Fatboy will get you 90% of the way there with a heavily reduced weight and size.


One problem with larger cabs can be a boomy low end, usually due to too much bass. We designed the Fatboy to stay tight in the low end and lower mids allowing you to sculpt YOUR sound. This cab isn’t just for Metallers, it is for everyone looking for a full, fat sound.


Dimensions (mm) 760x470x360


Unloaded price/weight: £280 / 17kg

V30 loaded price/weight: £420 / 27kg

G12M creamback loaded price/weight: £440 / 25kg

Vintage 30/G12H creamback  mix loaded price/weight: £445/27kg



Super Fatboy 2x12


The Super Fatboy combines the versatility of the Studio Pro and umph of the Fatboy cab. It is quite simple. We took the Fatboy, made it 70mm taller and added the slanted baffle to help projection and three piece back of the Studio Pro for a more varied array of sounds.


When we first built the Super Fatboy it was only to be a limited run of half a dozen, for friends, good customers and employees of Zilla. From the initial six cabs the interest grew, and without any publicity it is now our second most popular cabinet.


We didn’t even put it on our website for the first five years. The idea was to build a cab good enough to sell itself and we now know that is possible.


Dimensions (mm) 760x540x360


Unloaded price/weight: £330 / 19kg

V30 loaded price/weight: £470 / 29kg

G12M creamback loaded price/weight: £490 / 27kg





Modern 2x12

Guitarist Magazine - Guitarist Choice Award

Guitar Buyer Magazine - 5 Star Award


We have our own compact cab, the small vintage, and its cousin the Fatboy, but we wanted a cab that would sit in between the two...   along came the Modern 2x12.


We have designed this cabinet to combine the compact features of a smaller 2x12 with large enough dimensions to give the bottom end most musicians are looking for. It has everything a gigging player needs and has been built to last!

As with all our cabs you get the choice of either open or closed back. The Modern suits both well, with the braced closed back offering a tighter low end and the open back offering a more ambient, relaxed traditional sound.


Dimensions (mm) 750x490x280


Unloaded price/weight: £260 / 14kg

V30 loaded price/weight: £400 / 24kg

G12M creamback loaded price/weight: £420 / 22kg

Vintage 30/G12H creamback  mix loaded price/weight: £425 / 24kg

Small Vintage 2x12

The Small Vintage is a relatively compact 2x12 cab, made using the highest quality, hand selected 12mm baltic ply and 12mm finger joints... its middle name really is quality. There truly is no expense spared on these cabs. The idea is that by using the best materials, the dimensions can be reduced to give a compact size but the sound of a much larger cab. As with the SV112 you get the choice of standard depth (230mm) or extended depth (280mm) for increased low end and lower mid response.

Dimensions (mm) 740x460x230


Unloaded price/weight: £230 / 11kg

V30 loaded price/weight: £370 / 21kg

G12M creamback loaded price/weight: £390 / 19kg


Extended depth dimensions (mm) 740x460x280


Unloaded price/weight: £250 / 13kg

V30 loaded price/weight: £390 / 23kg

G12M creamback loaded price/weight: £410 / 21kg




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