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Head Shells & Racks

Zilla custom guitar cabinets head shell

Custom Head Shells

Whether you're looking for a classic look for your favourite amp, or a totally new theme, we can create a custom head shell to suit your needs.

guitar amp head shell


Not everyone wants an industrial looking flight case on to top of their cab. Our rack cases can be cut to the desired height and depth, and can be covered in the all the options available to our regular cabs.

Zilla custom cabs image

Due to popular demand we have designed and built a shell for the Kemper Profiler Head. We've done this in the same way we build all of our cabs; quality first.

custom head shell

Combo Conversions

If you have a favourite combo amp that you fancy having converted into a head and cab, or a head that you'd like made into a combo, look no further.

We have a over a decade of experience in working with a vast array of amplifiers.

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