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The Small Vintage is a relatively compact 2x12 cab, made using the highest quality, hand selected 12mm baltic ply and 12mm box (finger) joints, its middle name really is quality. Not everyone needs a lot of low end, or a tight focused sound. A lot of the larger cabinets that we make are aimed at filling the room or giving you the bold sound you would expect from a much larger cabinet, the Small Vintage isn't about this. An open back Small Vintage has a more Fender combo like quality to it, openness and access to a different dynamic range.


There truly is no expense spared on these cabs. The idea is that by using the best materials and rugged construction, the dimensions can be reduced to give a compact size but the sound of a much larger cab. As with the Small Vintage 1x12 you get the choice of standard depth (230mm) or extended depth (280mm) for increased low end and lower mid response.


One key note, if you are looking to reduce the weight of you gear, you are often better going for a slightly larger cab with lighter speakers. The Small Vintage is more about an ambient, airy vibe than keeping weight down, it just happens to be light.

Small Vintage & Deep Small Vintage

Shown with Black Bronco tolex, Salt & Pepper grill and White piping.

Dimensions (mm)                   Small Vintage:

Deep Small Vintage:

 2x Vintage 30:

2x G12M Creamback or Greenback:

Vintage 30/G12H Creamback mix:

Vintage 30/Neo Creamback mix:

2x Neo Creamback:

2x Redback:

Above prices are for Small Vintage,

for Deep Small Vintage add £25.

Our cabs are generally wired to 8 ohms as standard, but can be wired to 4 or 16 on request. Stereo options are also available on 2x12 and 4x12 cabinets.

740 x 460 x 230

740 x 460 x 280


£550 / 23kg

£570 / 21kg

£560 / 23kg

£570 / 19kg

£590 / 16kg

£590 / 23kg

Paul says...

"If you are trying to keep weight down but don't want to sacrife too much in the low end, why not try a closed back, neo loaded Deep Small Vintage. If you want Fender like chime the open back Small Vintage all the way!"
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