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Although Britain has a name for producing some of the best musical equipment, The United States has been at the forefront of quality and innovation since the conception of the guitar and popular music. Because of this, we love sending Zilla cabinets over the pond to America. We know how to make long distance orders run in a smooth and orderly manner and often reach U.S. customers faster than those in Europe. We have years of experience in shipping worldwide and do so on a regular basis. 

Because of fluctuations in currency exchange rates and postal quotes, we have decided to give a standard flat rate for our cabinets shipped to the States, this includes speakers (unless otherwise stated), shipping and taxes. 

As with our orders in the UK and Europe, we deal direct rather than through outlets. This allows us to spend time direct with our customers, listening to your needs and between us, tailoring our cabinets to best suit your playing. We have always felt that this level of service gives us an edge over other amplifier and cabinet companies, and also helps keep retails prices low.

All our cabinets are available to the States, but below is a list of popular choices.

Zilla Fatboy 2x12 in wine taurus tolex with black Marshall style grille cloth



including shipping to lower 48 states.

Zilla Studio Pro 2x12 custom guitar cabinet in black bronco tolex with salt'n'pepper grille cloth and black cabinet hardware



including shipping to lower 48 states.

Zilla Super Fatboy custom guitar cabinet in black tolex with salt'n'pepper grille cloth



including shipping to lower 48 states.

Zilla Ported 1x12 custom guitar cabinet in black tolex with grille cloth



including shipping to lower 48 states.

Why buy from Zilla?

finger joint on bare wood guitar cabinet

Our goal at Zilla is to make the best musical equipment available. Using the highest quality, hand selected materials and tried and tested construction techniques, we make some of the finest gear around. 


We take great pride in our name and put love

and experience into every cabinet we make.

We build a number of standard size cabinets with a choice of speakers, tolex, grill cloth, piping, hardware and numerous constructional nuances.


We also produce custom guitar cabs so if you're looking for something a bit different, oversized, light-weight, easy to carry, a combo extension cabinet or anything your heart desires (snake-skin 6x10 anyone?) we can make it for you.

How to order.

All we need is a list of options and a $100 deposit.

Any special requests?

Please feel free to attach any photos or special requirements that you want on the cabinet, for example a three piece back and two strap handles.

Final balance

Once the cabinet is ready the balance needs to be paid. We can take deposits by PayPal, bank transfer or card. Unfortunately due to high fees we prefer not to take Paypal for the final balance when shipping to the U.S.A. Once your balance is paid, we ship the cab off to you.

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