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The scope of sounds a player can expect from a 1x12 is massive. The tonal difference between small and oversized 1x12s is larger than any other speaker configuration, but can often be written off as “small and thin” sounding. This doesn’t have to be the case. At Zilla we have worked hard to offer a wide range of standard 1x12 speaker cabinets that demonstrate their versatility and offer something for every player.

Fullness of sound comes from many aspects of a cabs design, mainly size, design and quality of materials. Smaller cabs do tend to need more focus on the low end and lower mids, purely down to physical restrictions. Larger cabs can tend to push out too many low frequencies. The art is to maximise the ratio of sound to size when it comes to smaller cabs and to keep a focused responsive sound with larger cabs.

Vertical cabinets are great for reducing floor space, increasing spread of sound and generally being a bit easier to transport. It is here that our custom shop tends to really get going... You will quickly see the possibilities and how small changes can increase the practically of a cab whilst largely leaving cost unchanged.

In the right time and place there is nothing quite like a 4x12. People often look at 4x12s as a quartet of speakers in a box and expect it to sound good. We offer a lot more than this. We have four main shells, but with the right baffle construction and speaker combination we can tailor your cab to your sound.

Zilla Bass Fatboy 2x12 custom tolex celestion Bn12-300s

The ethos of these cabs is a good, simple, traditional design. We do not fit tweeters or horns, just top quality materials, build and speakers. All our bass cabs come with the choice of neodymium or ceramic magnet speakers.

Welcome to our custom shop, this is where the real fun starts to happen. Although our standard range covers most of the bases, this is the place where you can tweak or go crazy.

Custom Zilla Headshell for Fuchs Clean Machine, Ceriatone

Custom made head shells and racks crafted with the same level of attention and detail as our speaker cabinets.

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