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History of Zilla

Our goal at Zilla is to make the best musical equipment available. Using the highest quality, hand selected materials and tried and tested construction techniques, we make some of the finest gear around. We take great pride in our name and put love and experience into every cabinet we make.

We build a number of standard size cabinets with a choice of speakers, tolex, grill cloth, piping, hardware and numerous constructional nuances.


We also produce custom guitar cabs so if you're looking for something a bit different, oversized, light-weight, easy to carry, a combo extension cabinet or anything your heart desires (snake-skin 6x10 anyone?) we can make it for you.


Zilla custom guitar cab article
Guitar Buyer
Mini Modern & Studio Pro

These new cabinets from British maker Zilla Music aim to offer both quality and versatility. Daniel Hodgson checks them out.


As with the other examples of Zilla’s cabinets we’ve seen, both the Mini Modern 1x12 and Studio Pro 2x12 are very impressive indeed. The Mini Modern could be just the bit of kit to complete a compact rig – pair it with an Orange Tiny Terror or Marshall style 18-watter and you have a hugely portable classic rock or blues rig, all without compromising on your tone. The Studio Pro is a great jack of all trades, capable of taking just about any musical style or setting in its stride – it would be a huge shame if it were merely confined to the studio!

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Zilla custom guitar cabinets article
Guitar Buyer
Fatboy & Modern 2x12

Custom built in th UK, Zilla Guitar cabs are making big noises, David Greeves goes in search of monster tone


At the end of the day, neither of these cabs is going to disappoint.  They sound very good, especially overdriven, where the Modern serves up plenty of jangle and snarl, in contrast to the Fatboy’s darker, smoother and altogether heavier tone, which is indeed, as Zilla suggests, not unlike a full-sized 4x12. The standard of construction is high and the pricing competitive, especially when you consider that these cabs are hand-built in the UK, with many custom options coming at no extra charge. We have no hesitation in recommending these Zilla cabs, though which one will very much be up to you.


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Zilla custom guitar cabinets article
Guitarist Magazine
Tall Vintage
In Use

Those with lower power amps might prefer Greenbacks, but on the end of a Mesa Lonestar head and a Hughes & Kettner Puretone, this configuration shows a good, versatile balance of power handling, sweetness, low-end weight and projection.


The price is very reasonable given the custom options, build quality and spec, making Zilla highly recommended to anyone in search of a custom cab. Read the full review here.

Zilla guitar magazine article
Guitarist Magazine
Studio Pro 2x12

Zilla cabs offer high build quality, excellent value for money, versatile sounds and a wide variety of custom options and looks. The speakers you choose to inhabit your cabs will determine the musical styles in which the cabinets work best.

Custom 4x10

The bottom end is gigantic and with a high-headroom amp like the Two-Rock it stays very well defined. With the oval Dumble-style open-back, the multi- dimensional projection is truly room-filling: great for blues and roots styles...

Read the whole review for the Studio Pro here and the 4x10 here.

guitar magazine article
The Guitar Magazine
Fatboy & Small Vintage

Max out the gain or kick in the distortion, however, and this cab makes a lot more sense: now all that low-frequency oomph feels essential, and the subdued treble response translates to a smooth-edged rock voice for both lead and rhythm. In short, it sounds just as big and bold as it looks.

Small Vintage

With the same guitar and same amp the SV is lighter and much more airy, yet there’s no glaring lack of bass, and it certainly doesn’t feel like anything less than a ‘proper’ 2×12″. There’s more clarity with clean and crunchy chords, and those Greenbacks retain their essential sweetness even when chiming brightly.


Read the full review here.

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