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Custom Cabinets

Welcome to our custom shop,

this is where the real fun starts to happen. Although our standard range covers most of the bases, this is the place where you can tweak or go crazy.


Here we can take a standard model and tweak the dimensions, maybe reduce the width to accommodate your small box head, or increase the depth for more low end. 


Maybe you like the look of a cab but would like a slightly thicker ply and a three piece back. Or maybe you like the look of brand X but want it made using a quality build and materials.

Our workshop is designed to offer maximum flexibility, like it was at the start, so we can make whatever you want. Our job is to make you your perfect cabinet, and if that means doing something other than an off the shelf idea then so be it…. and it may cost less than you think.



Our setup charges are minimal. We love making speaker cabinets and this is the perfect way to build on technical skills. So we charge a little extra to cover waste and a small amount of time. Please feel free to contact us with any ideas you want realising.

To discuss your custom order please call us on:

01934 750000 or email

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