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Vertical Cabinets

Usually the two main points when choosing a vertical cab are width, often dictated to by the width of your amplifier and depth. Height is often limited, the smallest will be approximately 660mm and usually cabs don't go taller than 760mm.

We can make a vertical version of any of our standard 2x12 (Modern or larger). To have one of these cabinets but in a dedicated vertical design, with handles on the appropriate side will only cost £20 above the standard price.

Zilla Big Block vertical angled 2x12 in white bronco and basketweeve  grille cloth

As amps are getting smaller we are opening up the opportunity to have angled vertical 2x12s. This not
only makes transportation easier but really helps with spreading the sound on a crampt and noisey
stage. The Big Block is a relatively large cab but we make multiple variations of this beauty in our full
custom shop.

Big Block

Dimensions (mm)

Unloaded price/weight:

Vintage 30 loaded price/weight:

G12M Creamback/Greenback loaded price/weight:

Neo Creambacks price/weight:

Vintage 30/H Creamback mix price/weight:

620 x 700 x 360

£540 / 21kg

£740 / 31kg

£760 / 29kg

£780 / 25kg

£750 / 31kg

black bronco vertical 2x12 custom guitar cabinet, salt'n'pepper grille

There isn't much to say here other than we start with the same shell and then rotate everything by 90 degrees. Going for a vertical version of an established 2x12 cabinet can be a really easy way of getting a well designed cabinet but one that is slightly better suited to your needs. You essentially get a very similar sound to the standard horizontal version but a slightly better spread and they tend to be easier to carry. 


For dimensions, weights and costs please visit out 2x12 page. We charge an extra £20 to have a vertical version of a standard cab, so a V30 loaded vertical Fatboy 2x12 is £630 rather than the standard price of £610.

Vertical Studio Pro, Modern, Fatboy, SFB

vertical angled 2x12 in black bronco with salt'n'pepper grille cloth

Vertical Angled Cabs

One step further from simply having a vertical cab is to have a vertical angled cab. Although we can cut any size you want 
in our custom shop, the most popular choices are an angled version of the Fatboy, Super Fatboy and Studio Pro cabs. There are tonal differences due to a different speaker baffle construction and a reduced internal volume but the big advantages come in having a great spread of sound.

Angled Vertical Fatboy from £480 unloaded.

Angled Vertical Super Fatboy from £530 unloaded.

Zilla Panhead vertical 2x12 with oval back in British slate tolex with black fender grille cloth

The Panhead is one of our original standard vertical 2x12 cabinets. It's loosely based around the Dumble cabs of the 70's and 80's. We named the Panhead after an infamous motorbike engine of the 1940's, and like that engine it is simple and brutish. It's the only 2x12 we make out of 18mm birch ply as standard and comes with a classic oval rear port.


It lends itself well to electric blues through to heavy rock and has lovely warm cleans. The G12-65 is a popular speaker choice but the Redback is also great for solid cleans and a bit more umph. From the dimensions below you can see the increased width. This allows most small box style heads to fit on top with no overhang. Its large footprint gives good coupling with the ground and makes for a sturdy base to rest your pride and joy on top of. 


Dimensions (mm)

Unloaded price/weight:

Vintage 30 loaded price/weight:

G12M Creamback/Greenback loaded price/weight:

Neo Creambacks price/weight:

G12-65 price/weight:

640 x 720 x 300

£560 / 23kg

£740 / 32kg

£780 / 30kg

£800 / 26kg

£820 / 30kg

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