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Every speaker cabinet we make at Zilla is handcrafted in our dedicated workshop. It is no longer acceptable to receive an off the shelf approach to music gear. We take time finding out what you want and need, talking through every step and option. At Zilla we work on combining our experience and unique skill sets to craft a speaker cabinet bespoke to your needs as a guitarist and as an individual.

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Who are Zilla Cabs?

We are a simple, old fashioned company that believes in doing things the right way. Our backgrounds are a combination of science, technology, carpentry and music. As a mathematician I know there is no magic formula, and as a musician I know there is no one tone above all others. The experience we have gained over the years and constant drive to develop, reinvent our products and push our skills and equipment results in what we believe to be a superior speaker cabinet.

Every speaker cabinet we make at Zilla is handcrafted in our dedicated workshop based in Bristol, England. We are a small family business whose team are bent on producing the finest products and service in the music industry...   Read More

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Our Best Sellers

everyone loves a fatboy

The Zilla Fatboy handles the bottom end like nothing else... If you have been using a 4x12 but don't have the space in the van then this is for you- our customers are always surprised....



studio pro

The Studio Pro is designed to be the only cab you are going to ever need. It is an almost oversized design with large dimensions, beautiful birch ply and heavy build construction.....




There are several options when it comes to 1x12 cabs, but we find the major requirement of a lot of players is to reduce the size without compromising the fullness of sound.....



Frequently Asked Questions:

I haven’t heard of Zilla Cabs before

We are a small family business and do not do much in the way of advertising and marketing. We rely on recommendations through word of mouth, which we find to be the most natural way to grow.

What is your returns policy?

First off we try and get things right for you before you receive the cab. We do this by trying to get to the right options for your needs by listening to what you do, need and want. As our cabs are custom made to the customer’s specific needs we can’t take cabs back because you just don’t fancy it anymore, but we do our very best to make sure you never want to let go of it. If goods are damaged in shipping

Do you ship to USA?

We love sending cabinets over to the States. We can send any of our standard cabinets and try to accommodate currency fluctuations by fixing the price including shipping. Please contact us for an up to date price.

What is the process for ordering a cab?

We ask for a list of colours/options and a £50 deposit (up to 50% deposit for custom orders).

What payment methods do you take?

We can take bank transfer, paypal or card over the phone. We prefer bank transfer or debit card where

possible to reduce fees, but can take credit cards and paypal.

What is the turn-around time from order to receiving the cabinet?

We like to stay to two weeks, although some cabs can be made faster, other more complex cabs can take longer. It also depends on when you contact us. We like to be flexible so please contact us and we will do what we can to work around you.

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