Guitar Cabs 1x12

Standard Size 1x12s.

The scope of sounds a player can expect from a 1x12 is massive. The tonal difference between small and oversized 1x12s is larger than any other speaker configuration, but can often be written off as “small and thin” sounding. This doesn’t have to be the case. At Zilla we have worked hard to offer a wide range of standard 1x12 speaker cabinets that demonstrate their versatility and offer something for every player.


Due to its compact dimensions, low weight and full sound, the Dinky is a popular choice for musicians who need a lot from not a lot. Sometimes we can’t always fit a 2x12 on a cramped stage, or just want a lightweight rig that is easily transported to and from practice, gigs and the studio. The Dinky does not sound like an oversized cab, because it isn’t. However it does maximise what you have and hits a sweet spot between size, weight and tone.


Dimensions (mm) 460x460x295


Unloaded price/weight: £210 / 10kg

V30 loaded price/weight: £280 / 15kg

G12M Creamback loaded price/weight: £290 / 14kg


There are several options when it comes to 1x12 cabs, but we find the major requirement of a lot of players is to reduce the size without compromising the fullness of sound. The Compact is the next step up from the Dinky, being only a little bit larger in size but offering a slightly bigger sound, mainly from better access to the lower frequencies. The increase in width also allows for wider amp heads to be placed on top.


Dimensions (mm) 600x470x250


Unloaded price/weight: £220 / 11kg

V30 loaded price/weight: £290 / 16kg

G12M Creamback loaded price/weight: £300 / 15kg



Small Vintage 1x12

Small Vintage 1x12 is one of the few cabs that is still available from Zilla’s first catalogue and has simple roots. A lot of players love the sound of a good 1x12 speaker cabinet but use a full size amp head. There was nothing fancy in how this cab came into to being. We simply took the Small Vintage 2x12 and placed a 1x12 baffle inside, with pleasing results. As with the SV212 you get the choice of standard depth (230mm) or extended depth (280mm) for increased low end and lower mid response.

Dimensions (mm) 740x460x230


Unloaded price/weight: £230 / 11kg

V30 loaded price/weight: £300 / 16kg

G12M creamback loaded price/weight: £310 / 15kg


Extended depth dimensions (mm) 740x460x280


Unloaded price/weight: £250 / 13kg

V30 loaded price/weight: £320 / 18kg

G12M creamback loaded price/weight: £330 / 17kg



Mini Modern


The Mini Modern is the baby brother of our award winning Modern 2x12. This cab is relatively compact but offers one hell of a punch.


Dimensions (mm) 620x490x280


Unloaded price/weight: £245 / 11kg

V30 loaded price/weight: £315 / 16kg

G12M -65 Creamback loaded price/weight: £325 / 15kg

G12H-75 Creamback loaded price/weight: £340 / 16kg




Ported 1x12

This is a cab we are really proud of. Our main objective was to make a compact cab that sounds massive whilst retaining a classy guitar tone for use in any style of playing. The cab is designed around the G12H-75 Creamback making this speaker best for optimal results, but it will sound good loaded with a number of other drivers.


Dimensions (mm) 560x410x300


Unloaded price/weight: £255 / 14kg

G12H-75 Creamback loaded price/weight: £350 / 19kg

V30 loaded price/weight: £325 / 19kg

G12M creamback loaded price/weight: £335 / 18kg




Based on our Fatboy 2x12, the Fatbaby is an all-out beast of a 1x12. To describe how it sounds is quite easy, massive with a tight low end response. Some players go to a 2x12 for a bigger sound, which is understandable, but a good 1x12 has its own tonal qualities that can be very pleasing.


Dimensions (mm) 620x470x360


Unloaded price/weight: £255 / 15kg

V30 loaded price/weight: £325 / 20kg

G12M -65 Creamback loaded price/weight: £335 / 19kg



G12H-75 Creamback

We mainly fit Celestion speakers in our cab due to their quality, reliability and tonality and as a result stock most of their range at very competitive rates. Please refer to our prices pages for a full list of speaker prices. We also have contact with most speaker manufactures and dealers, so if there is something different you may be interested just give us a shout.


Loaded price/weight: £350 / 20kg


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