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Due to its compact dimensions, low weight and full sound, the Dinky is a popular choice for musicians who need a lot from not a lot.


Sometimes we can’t always fit a 2x12 on a cramped stage, or just want a lightweight rig that is easily transported to and from practice, gigs and the studio.


The Dinky does not sound like an oversized cab, because it isn’t. However it does maximise what you have and hits a sweet spot between size, weight and tone.

Dimensions (mm):


 Vintage 30:

G12M Creamback or Greenback:

G12H Creamback:

Neo Creamback:

We stock many more speakers,

please ask for a quote.

Our cabs are generally wired to 8 ohms as standard, but can be wired to 4 or 16 on request. Stereo options are also available on 2x12 and 4x12 cabinets.

460 x 460 x 295


£320 / 10kg

£420 / 15kg

£430 / 14kg

£430 / 15kg

£440 / 12kg

Paul says...

"Loaded with a Neo Creamback and a closed back will give you one of the fullest sounding cabs possible for its size and weight."
Zilla Dinky 1x12 custom guitar cabinet in white bronco tolex with salt'n'pepper grille cloth and black pipe
side shot of Zilla Dinky 1x12 custom guitar cabinet in white bronco tolex
Closed back Dinky 1x12 custom guitar cabinet

Shown with Ivory Bronco tolex, Salt & Pepper grill and Black piping.

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