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KPA Head Shells

Due to popular demand we have designed and built a shell for the Kemper Profiler Head. We've done this in the same way we build all of our cabs; quality first.


These shells are designed to give the Kemper a more amp-like look to bridge the gap between  modern technology and traditional guitar rigs, giving you the best of both worlds, with an amp we think looks more at home sat on top of your cab.


Although players who need rugged road protection are catered for with flight-cases, we designed our head shell to give a similar level of protection to a traditional amp head.

Even though a cabinet this size doesn't necessarily require it, we use the same box joints on these shells as we do on our full size speaker cabinets. We believe that any piece of quality equipment deserves this level of attention.

As with our speaker cabinets, the Kemper shells are worked, glued and sanded by hand. This allows us to see any possible flaws along the way and gives the craftsman more control.



Retail price: £210   


410mm x 243mm x 226mm


We've designed the shell so that the fitting process is as simple as possible. First remove the leather strap from the head, slide the Kemper into its shell so that it is evenly placed and pushed to the front. Slide the rear bar in place and fix securely with the two black machine screws provided. Then insert the thin silver machine screws either side as demonstrated in the video.

How To Order

The Kemper Shell will retail at £210.00 plus shipping.

To place an order, simply email us letting us know the colours and options you choose.

Tolex (Colour & Style) and Grill Cloths

For a list of available tolex, please click here. For a list of grill cloths for the 1x12 cab, please click here.


We stock several styles of tolex in many colours so we ask that you note the colour and the style (texture) in the box.


Metal corners: Black, Chrome or Gold

Leather corners: Black or Tan +£20

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