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Super Fatboy

The Super Fatboy combines the versatility of the Studio Pro and umph of the Fatboy cab. It's quite simple: we took the Fatboy, made it 70mm taller and added the slanted baffle to help projection and three piece back of the Studio Pro for a more varied array of sounds.


When we first built the Super Fatboy it was only to be a limited run of half a dozen, for friends, good customers and employees of Zilla. From the initial six cabs the interest grew, and without any publicity it is now our second most popular cabinet.


We didn’t even put it on our website for the first five years. The idea was to build a cab good enough to sell itself and we now know that is possible.

Dimensions (mm):

 2x Vintage 30:

2x G12M Creamback or Greenback:

Vintage 30/G12H Creamback mix:

Vintage 30/Neo Creamback mix:

2x Neo Creamback:

Our cabs are generally wired to 8 ohms as standard, but can be wired to 4 or 16 on request. Stereo options are also available on 2x12 and 4x12 cabinets.

760 x 540 x 360

$890 / 27kg

$910 / 25kg

$910 / 27kg

$915 / 24kg

$940 / 21kg

Zilla Super Fatboy 2x12 custom guitar cabinet in red bronco tolex with black grille cloth
red bronco tolex on custom 2x12 guitar cabinet
closed back custom guitar cab

Shown with Scarlet tolex, Black grill and Black piping.

Paul says...

"If you know you wont be needing the flexibility of the three piece back, opt for a closed back for a tighter low end response."
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