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Standard 4x12

Our standard 4x12 is a nice traditional size, nothing fancy, just a good old traditional layout, and a good
old traditional sound. They have a great low end and lower mid response giving a full fat sound with
plenty of umph and definition.


We take our inspiration with more traditional 4x12s, when they were made from good materials, solid
construction and not too bass heavy. Lots of modern 4x12s are designed to push the bass, but this isn't
what most guitarists need, they need responsiveness, focus in the low end but also their own space that
doesn't interfere with the bassist.

Dimensions (mm):


 4x Vintage 30:

4x G12M Creamback:

4x G12H-75 Creamback:

Vintage 30/G12H-75 Mix

Our cabs are generally wired to 8 ohms as standard, but can be wired to 4 or 16 on request. Stereo options are also available on 2x12 and 4x12 cabinets.


760 x 760 x 360


£600 / 22kg

£1000 / 41kg

£1040 / 37kg

£1040 / 41kg

£1020 / 41kg

Paul says...

Shown with Black on Green tolex, Black grill and black piping.

"4x12s are there to fill the room but this doesn't mean you can't have some versatility. Try a mix of two speakers in a X pattern, great both live and in the studio."
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