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Oversized 4x12

The oversized 4x12 is based on the standard, just a little bit taller (50mm) and with a slight slant on the
baffle, allowing for better projection.


The principles are all the same as with the Standard, you just get a little bit more.

Dimensions (mm):


 4x Vintage 30:

4x G12M Creamback:

4x G12H-75 Creamback:

Vintage 30/G12H-75 Mix

Our cabs are generally wired to 8 ohms as standard, but can be wired to 4 or 16 on request. Stereo options are also available on 2x12 and 4x12 cabinets.

760 x 810 x 360


£660 / 24kg

£1060 / 43kg

£1100 / 39kg

£1100 / 43kg

£1080 / 43kg

Paul says...

"This is a good old fashioned 4x12, it moves loads of air and lets you really feel the music."

Shown with Purple Croc tolex, Black grill and gold piping.

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