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Bass Fatboy

The Fatboy bass is only really a relation to the guitar version in name. We use a thicker birch ply for increased low end, a fixed baffle with front loading speakers and increased rigidity, and a rear ported design to help push the lows and fill the room.


Feet on the bottom and side allow the cab to be used both horizontally and vertically.

Dimensions (mm):


760 x 470 x 380


£750 / 25kg

Paul says...

"Bass 2x12's are often overlooked but they give plenty of low end while staying nice and portable. Try the BN neo speakers for greatly decreased weight."
custom bass 2x12 guitar cabinet, 2x12 bass cab in black bronco tolex
side view of bass 2x12 in black broco tolex
closed back bass 2x12 cab, ported bass cab in black bronco tolex

Shown with Black Bronco tolex, Large Check grill and White piping.

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