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We are pleased to introduce our range of bass speaker cabinets. The ethos of these cabs is a good, simple, traditional design. We do not fit tweeters or horns, just top quality materials, build and speakers. Although the range is new, we have been developing and improving these bass cabs for several years, sending them out on tour and releasing small quantities on test runs. All our bass cabs come with the choice of neodymium or ceramic magnet speakers. Celestion Neo speakers are extremely high end, light weight speakers, and ceramic speakers are good solid speakers with a slightly lower price tag.

2x12 Bass Fatboy

The Fatboy bass is only really a relation to the guitar version in name. We use a thicker birch ply for increased low end, a fixed baffle with front loading speakers and increased rigidity, and a rear ported design to help push the lows and fill the room. Feet on the bottom and side allow the cab to be used both horizontally and vertically.

Dimensions (mm) 760x470x380

BL12-200X ceramic speaker price/weight/power: £460 / 30kg / 400W

BN12-300S neo speaker price/weight/power: £510 / 24kg / 600W


4x10 and 1x15 Bass

Again our 4x10 and 1x15 cabs are a traditional design, rear ported with fixed baffles for a controlled yet punchy sound.


Dimensions (mm) 636x636x380


1x15 BL15-300X ceramic speaker

Price/weight/power: £490 / 28kg / 300W

1x15 BN15-400X neo speaker

Price/weight/power: £540 / 24kg / 400W

4x10 BL10-100X ceramic speaker

Price/weight/power: £540 / 31kg / 400W

4x10 BL10-200X ceramic speaker

Price/weight/power: £590 / 33kg / 800W

4x10 BN10-200X neo speaker

Price/weight/power: £700 / 27kg / 800W

6x10 and 4x10+15

For larger shows sometimes you need more speakers to push more air. 6x10s and 4x10 with an added 15 are the solution for this. As with our 6x12s we offer kick-back casters and handles as a custom add on for easier handling.

6x10 BL10-100X ceramic speaker

Price/weight/power: £700 / ??? / 600W

6x10 BL10-200X ceramic speaker

Price/weight/power: £780 / ??? / 1200W

6x10 BN10-200X neo speaker

Price/weight/power: £960 / ???/ 1200W

4x10+15 BL10-100X + BL15-300X ceramic speaker

Price/weight/power: £730 / ??? / 500W

4x10+15  BL10-200X +BL15-300X ceramic speaker

Price/weight/power: £810 / ??? / 1000W

4x10+15  BN10-200X + BN15-400S neo speaker

Price/weight/power: £990/ ???/ 1000W



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