Guitar Cabs 4x12 & 6X12

Although we spend a lot of time and effort trying to make 2x12 sounds as fat and full as possible, in the right time and place there is nothing quite like a 4x12. People often look at 4x12s as a quartet of speakers in a box and expect it to sound good. We offer a lot more than this. We have four main shells, but with the right baffle construction and speaker combination we can tailor your cab to your sound.

Standard 4x12.


Our standard 4x12 is a nice traditional size, nothing fancy, just a good old traditional layout, and a good old traditional sound. They have a great low end and lower mid response giving a full fat sound with plenty of umph and definition.


Dimensions (mm) 760x760x360


Unloaded price/weight: £400 / 21kg

V30 loaded price/weight: £680 / 41kg

G12M Creamback loaded price/weight: £720 / 37kg

G12H-75 Creamback loaded price/weight: £780 / 41kg

V30/G12H-75 Creamback combination, price/weight: £730 / 41kg




Custom Oversized 4x12


The custom oversized 4x12 really is a beast. It is constructed from thicker birch ply and has increased dimensions. The baffle is still loaded from the rear as with our other 4x12s, keeping the sound tight and punchy, but there is an increased low end response. This is a popular cabs with heavier players who need a low end growl.


Dimensions (mm) 760x820x380


Unloaded price/weight: £520 / 29kg

V30 loaded price/weight: £800 / 49kg

G12M Creamback loaded price/weight: £840 / 45kg

V30/G12H-75 Creamback combination, price/weight: £850 / 49kg



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